Local Foreign Policy Expert talks U.S., Iran Conflict Implications

Social media was on fire Wednesday after it was reported that Iran launched more than a dozen rockets and U.S. targets in Iraq. Many people were  saying that humanity was on the brink of World War III.

Matthew Clary is a Political Scientist at Auburn University. His specialty is is for foreign policy, national and international security. Clary says that we are far from WWIII.

“It may have felt like we were on the brink of a large scale war, but really we are not, and the chances of that are pretty slim.” Says Clary.

U.S. and Iranian relations are like a chess game says Clary, and each side makes calculated moves.

“The rocket attacks were a very calculated response that didn’t result in any death and minor damage. It gives us the opportunity to de-escalate the crisis”

In an address to the nation Wednesday, President Trump seemed to suggest that both sides want to de-escalate the situation. Meanwhile, gas prices have remained stable this week despite the crisis in the Middle East, but Clary says that can change.

“The price of oil in the Middle East and globally spiked a little bit, so the price of gasoline will go up. Instability and unpredictability in the Middle East tends to do that.”

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