Mayor Steven Reed: ‘I Want Montgomery to be the Safest City in the Country’

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed’s Transition Team hosted the final day of public meetings Thursday.

The Public Safety Committee heard from MPD Chief Finley, District Attorney Daryl Bailey and MPS Superintendent Ann Roy Moore.

Chief Finley says the biggest challenges for MPD in 2020 are funding (technology & vehicles), recruiting, retention and recidivism. When asked what the number one thing he needed to better do the job, he answered, “manpower”. Chief Finley says he would like to have 50 additional officers. The committee followed that question and asked Chief Finley what was the main reason officers leave, and Chief Finley simply responded, “Pay!”

District Attorney Daryl Bailey says violent crime is what people in the city are most concerned about and the biggest thing his office need is resources.

“I want Montgomery to be the safest city in the country”, Mayor Reed says.


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