Macon County Residents Prepare for Potential Severe Weather

We are getting ready for potentially severe storms this weekend. Tornadoes are possible, which means now is the time to prepare- especially for residents living in mobile homes.

You have probably heard at some point in your life that mobile homes are not safe during tornadoes. Officials say that if you live in a mobile home that it’s best to seek cover elsehwere, like a shelter or sturdy home.

In Macon County, several shelters are available for those needing to seek refuge from severe weather.

“Living in Macon County, believe me, I run when they say its storm time because I do live in a mobile home,” resident Carolyn McMillian said.

Mcmillian says she and her family plan to leave their mobile home and go to a nearby family member’s house, should Saturday’s storms get bad.

“They’re not as safe when they’re talking about a certain amount of speed of wind, and stuff so we get out of here. We take cover. We make sure my sons are out, me and my husband are out,” McMillian said.

McMillian isn’t the only one heeding to the message.

“There’s a safe room in that church just for this reason- for tornadoes and bad weather,” Debra Jones of New Home Missionary Baptist Church said.

The church is located on the Montgomery County line.
The location is one of several shelters being made available to residents who need of a safe place from the storm.

“It’s completely surrounded by cinder blocks where there’s no windows in there and it’s solid. It’s specially prepared by experts to make sure that if a tornado hits, you’ll be safe,” Jones said.

Jones said the shelter holds about fifty people.

In Macon county, there are a number of shelters ready to open.
Resident Celestine Graham says it’s important for residents to take action now before its too late.

“Make sure you got a safe place and I think that’s one of the most important things- people don’t prepare for a safe place. You know, they know the lights are gonna go out, pretty much, but preparing, making sure you know where to go, what to do, that it’s a actual safe place. And if you don’t have one, where can you go,” Graham said.

Here is the list of Macon County Shelters:

In District 2:

Warrior Stand Community: 357 County Road 5, Union Springs, AL, 36089

For Davis Community: 17793 County Road 2, Union Springs, AL, 36089

In District 3:

Shorter Community: 144 Old Federal Road, Shorter, AL, 36075

In District  4:

Notasulga (Liberty City): 355 Lori Lane, Notasulga, AL, 36866

Franklin Community: 1656 AL Highway 49, Tuskegee, AL, 36083

if you have any questions, you are urged to call the macon county e-m-a, that number 334-726-2626

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