Family Loses Home, Clean Up Continues After Saturday’s Storms

The clean up continued Sunday after storms left behind damage throughout the state Saturday afternoon.

One family in Crenshaw County is seeing that damage first-hand. Ronnie Faulk and his two young children returned to a destroyed home and piles of debris after the storms caused a tree to fall through their trailer’s roof.

“We kinda waited until it got a little bad, but then we left and went to my daughter’s house in Goshen, and when we got back this is what we found,” Faulk said.

The family was able to salvage a few of their belongings, but not all.

“You know, it was just tough to see. But most of it, yeah, was pretty much a total loss,” Faulk said.

Crenshaw County EMA officials say overall most residents were fortunate.

“With the atmospheric conditions that we present yesterday, I cannot emphasize how fortunate we were that we didn’t receive no more damage than we do,” Crenshaw County EMA Director Elliott Jones said.

But there were some areas where residents were still cleaning up Sunday morning.

“We had winds up to 60 miles per hour, over 60 miles per hour. We had downed power lines in thirteen locations,” Deputy Director Randy Mahone said.

Law enforcement officers in Luverne said surrounding communities offered to lend a helping held to those in need.

“It was very exciting to witness all the different folks in the neighborhood willing to help and to see what they could do to assist,” patrolman Daniel Jones of the Luverne Police Department said.

The Faulks are now left to pick up the pieces, but Ronnie says he’s just thankful he and his kids are okay.

“We’re just blessed we weren’t here, you know, when it happened. All in all, we can replace everything else, but as long as we have each other,” Faulk said.

The Faulks have been offered a place to move, if needed.

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