More CWD Cases Confirmed in Neighboring States

Alabama Wildlife officials are stepping up their efforts to keep a deadly deer disease out of the state as more cases of Chronic Wasting Disease are confirmed in neighboring states.

Right now, there are no confirmed cases in Alabama, but we’ve learned of 40 new suspected cases in Mississippi and close to 150 confirmed cases in Tennessee.  The disease is highly contagious and always fatal in deer.  It can also contaminate an environment, making it impossible to remove from an area.

Right now, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is offering free testing.  They have drop-off locations for deer all around the state.  They say they need the public’s help to keep this deadly disease out of Alabama.

“We have game wardens and other law enforcement agencies watching our state lines, and hoping that hunters are not violating the law by bringing these deer carcasses across state lines,” explained Marianne Hudson.

If there is a confirmed case, state officials have already prepared an action plan to contain the disease to one area.  For more information on Chronic Wasting Disease and the drop-off locations, click here.

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