Family Searching Tallassee Wooded Area for Missing 65-Year-Old Woman

Family and law enforcement officers are searching a heavily wooded area in Tallassee for a missing woman.

Judy Jackson Kennebrew is a 65-year-old female who suffers from dementia, according to the family. She was last seen wearing gray or black dress slacks in the area of Jackson Lane in Tallassee, around 6:00 pm on January 8th.

Alabama News Network Reporter  Justin Walker, was out walking the wooded area with the family of Kennebrew on Wednesday. So far, the search has yielded a chip bag and a gatorade bottle- believed to be hers. The family confirmed a pair of adult pampers were found that were the same brand Kellebrew wears. But no testing has been done to confirm.

“She needs to be found, seven days is too long. It’s too long, every second, every minute counts,” Kennebrew’s cousin Willie Smith said.

The Tallasee Police Department and the Tallapoosa Sheriff’s Office joined the search Wednesday morning, combing the woods both on foot and in the air.

“We have ATV’s, we have four-wheelers, we have side-by-sides, we have helicopters up flying trying to locate her. See if they can give us some device or direction to go,” Tallassee police officer Zack Lyles said.

The family says they’re holding out hope that Kellebrew will be found alive.

“We’re going to do what we can to try to find her though. And I’m hoping that she’s in somebody house, or she laying in an abandoned somewhere safe and sound and just waiting on us to walk up to her. That would be good. Or she walks out of the woods somewhere, that would be good. But just keep an eye out on your loved ones,” Smith said.

The family says Jackson’s dog could also be with her.

“It’s a very wooded area, it’s extremely a lot of brush and briars everywhere. It’s very hard to try to find somebody in this type of environment,” Lyles said.

“If she was walking down the road, it’s not out of the ordinary that someone would stop and offer her a ride at night time. And she got in the car with the wrong person,” Smith said.

Family members say Jackson has wondered off before.

If you have any information about Kennebrew’s whereabouts, you’re encouraged to call the Tallapoosa Sheriffs Office at 256-825-4264.

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