What the Tech? Why Augmented Reality Might Be the Next Big Tech Trend

Forget virtual reality, augmented or mixed reality is what people are now interested in seeing.

In the past year, Google stopped selling its virtual reality headset while Apple is going all-in on AR or augmented reality. What’s the difference and how are police departments and government agencies using it for training?

RealMax and other companies are counting on augmented or mixed reality to become more popular than virtual reality, and it’s moving in that direction.

Virtual reality requires special glasses, and headsets that block out the real world. VR is big in gaming and even in some amusement parks.

But AR has become a bigger part of the real world if you know what I mean.

You can shop in augmented reality, wonder how that TV or sofa would look in your den? Amazon and Ikea can show you using your phone and augmented reality.

RealMax CEO Nigel Burton told me police departments are using their glasses to train officers for dangerous situations.

Soon, you might be watching a concert by your favorite rock band’s latest tour.

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