Need a Coat, Sweater, or Hot Meal? Mercy House is Here to Help

Coats and jackets for the less fortunate are important with the cold snap in our area for the next few days. One Montgomery organization is helping make sure the homeless and less fortunate can stay warm.

Mercy House is located in West Montgomery, and the staff wants citizens to know that they have a place to go, if they need coats and jackets, and even a hot meal to stay warm.

Mercy House is a food pantry and soup kitchen, but they also stockpile warm clothing for nights like this.

“We have plenty of jackets for children, for women, for men. So it doesn’t matter if they have the need, we’re going to fill that need.” says Director Angela Gilchrist.

Although there is a collection of warm clothes on site, there is always room for more when it comes to helping others.

“We need sweaters, we need socks. Some of the people who we serve are homeless, and when they come in and take a shower they need some clean socks and underwear,” says Rev. Ken Austin, Executive Director of Mercy House.

Austin says that no one needing help will be turned away. “If we have it, we serve it until it’s gone. We want it to be on someone’s back, we want the gloves on someones hands.”

Mercy House is located at 2412 Council St. in Montgomery, it opens daily at 10am.

For more information on Mercy House click here.

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