Army Reserve Officer Returns Home to Surprise Kids at Greenville Elementary School

It was a special day in Butler County Tuesday. An officer in the Army Reserve came home to surprise his four kids at Greenville Elementary School.

The surprise was planned out by the children’s mother, Meredith Godwin. Godwin’s husband Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jason Godwin had just returned home from a year-long deployment in Syria, Jordan, and Iraq.

“I wanted them to have something they would remember. And so, it was very easy. just a couple of phone calls and we pulled it all together,” Meredith Godwin said.

A school concert was the disguise used to distract the children. Later, Godwin stepped out from behind the curtain.  When the kids saw their dad, they quickly ran to give him a hug.
It was moment a Jason Godwin says was priceless.

“It’s great seeing them again and they’re grown a little bit but its good seeing their faces again,” Jason said.

Godwin will be home for thirty days before heading back to Fort Knox.
He has served as in the army reserve for twenty years and works as a medi-vac pilot.

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