Two Montgomery Nightclubs Forced to Shut Down

The Sky Bar and After 5 Lounge, both located on Debby Drive in Montgomery have been forced to shut down.

At Tuesdays Montgomery City Council meeting, the council decided to revoke the business licenses of both establishments.

The bars share a building and parking lot. Police say they gave ownership of the Sky Bar warning and time to increase safety measures, but since then they have responded to at least 10 calls.

“We’ve done everything that MPD has asked us to do. The problem has been the people, not the venue,” says Melinda Futrell, owner of the Sky Bar.

In 2019 alone, MPD responded to at least 100 calls at the location, and 50 of those calls had criminal offenses reported.

” Four incidents involved gun violence, and one incident from 2018 got our attention when a person was shot inside of the club,” says Major R.J. Harris of MPD.

The clubs must stop doing business immediately, but they do have the option to appeal to the mayor in hopes that he will overrule the councils decision.

Montgomery Police Chief Ernest Finley says that at the end of the day, his officers have a whole city to police and they are not a security force at night clubs. ” They got a business license, it’s their job to make sure their customers are safe, and they haven’t been doing a good job of that.”


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