Grant $$$ Fund Street Repaving Project in Orrville

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

People in Orrville will soon have smoother streets to drive on — thanks to a grant from a program created under the Rebuild Alabama Act.

Mayor Louvenia Lumpkin says people in Orrville were getting tired of driving on raggedy roads — full of bumps and potholes.

“People was complaining about the front end being knocked out align. Some of them complaining about tires being bursts.”

Lumpkin says road conditions on three streets in particular — were terrible.

“They’re highly traveled. They are Academy — Mills — and Church Street. And there was a lot of wear and tear on those roads. So decided we need to do something to try to get these roads fixed,” she said.

Lumpkin says a $187,000 dollar grant — recently awarded to the town by AL-DOT — will help do just that.

She says the grant is making it possible for the town to repave 1.38 miles of street in downtown Orrville.

Lumpkin says word that the streets would soon be repaved has residents jumping for joy.

“Oh, they happy!” exclaimed Lumpkin. “They been excited every since I told them that I had got word that we got the grant. They’re very, very happy. And the complaints have stopped.”

Lumpkin says the repaving project should get started in the next few weeks — and be finished by the summer.

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