Former MPD Officer Aaron Smith Sentenced to 14 Years for Fatally Shooting of Greg Gunn

Former Montgomery Police Officer Aaron Cody Smith has been sentenced to 14 years. Smith was found guilty of manslaughter for the fatal shooting of Greg Gunn in November.

Retired Judge P.B. McLauchlin issued his sentencing ruling Wednesday morning at the Montgomery County Courthouse. Friends, family, and city leaders filled the courtroom for the hearing.

“We let the law work in our favor. We believe in the justice system and it works. And I would like to thank everybody for really believing the law as we do, for believing in non-violence and you can still have a great outcome,” Greg Gunn’s brother Franklin Gunn said.

Franklin joined siblings Kimberly and Kenneth Gunn in pleading with the judge for the maximum sentence of twenty years for Smith.

The Gunns painted a picture of their brother, calling him their father figure and best friend.

“When you eliminate a bad apple, we can move as a state and people can be proud. I am proud to say sweet home Alabama, this is my home,” Kenneth Gunn said.

Next, Smith and his attorney Mickey McDermott took to the stand– with Smith apologizing to the family for the loss.
He said he never intended to kill Gunn.

“It’s a tragedy that our community has lost Mr. Gunn, his family has lost Mr. Gunn. and this community has lost a dedicated officer,” McDermott said.

Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey gave credit to the twelve members of the Dale County jury that convicted Smith of manslaughter.
He says he believes justice had been served.
“We have worked tirelessly many hours in making sure that the Gunn family received justice. and I think today, they received that justice,” Bailey said.

Bailey had asked for the maximum sentence in the case- which would have been twenty years..
Despite the judge’s ruling of a lesser amount of time behind bars. he says he respects the decision.

“We’re a little disappointed, we wanted the max. We thought he deserved the max. I have maintained this defendant should not be treated any differently than another defendant that comes through this courthouse. But we are satisfied with the sentence,” Bailey said.

McDermott says the defense is already prepared to file an appeal.

“He’s incarcerated now, he still maintains his innocence, and he still looks forward to his next day in court,” McDermott said.

The defense is seeking an appeals bond which would keep smith out of jail while an appeal is made.
Bailey says he still feels like he has a strong enough argument to keep smith behind bars.


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