Legislation on Education: What Can we Expect From the State House

The 2020 Alabama Legislative Session is just days away, and education is always a big deal with Legislators and educators alike. With the session on the horizon, educators are zeroing in on what kinds of laws they would like to see benefiting education.

For legislators, budgets are always a priority, budgets are also a priority for educators.

One area that has been in the spotlight recently is mental health. Educators and Legislators are working together to provide more specialist at schools to address mental health and wellness with students.

Alabama is one of few states to give teachers a pay raise in two consecutive years, yet the state is still experiencing a teacher shortage.

New retirement options may be a solution to retention issues. Right now teachers are eligible to retire after 25 years, and reach max pay at 27 years.

A state lottery bill has also been announced for this session. How much of the revenue from a proposed lottery would be earmarked for education will determine the success of such a bill.


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