What the Tech? Will “Wish” Meet Your Online Shopping Expectations?

About a year ago I created an account at the online retailer Wish, to see what all the talk was about.

I’d seen the commercials and advertisements across my Facebook newsfeed offering incredible deals on products I shop for at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and other retailers.

Was I missing out on bargains or was Wish just a cheap rip-off? Only one way to find out right?

Wish is a website and app that offers too-good-to-be-true prices on electronics, toys, clothing, just about anything. If you haven’t shopped on Wish before, you have to set up an account that requires an email address.

You can’t window shop without logging on. You’re first hit with ridiculous prices on popular items.

A Citizens men’s watch for 75-cents. Sunglasses for $1. A laptop messenger bag for 75-cents. Earpods for $8.

But look closely at the listings.

A 10.1 inch iPad is not an Apple iPad. It’s an I.Pad. An Android tablet. It shows a retail price of $1100 but is on sale at Wish for just $58. Anyone ordering this would be very disappointed.

But you don’t see negative reviews on products.

Most all of the reviews sound exactly the same: “just what I ordered” whether I was looking at a leather jacket or a three-pack of SD cards.

Yeah, something’s not right.

The Better Business Bureau reviewed Wish last year and found a pattern of complaints from customers. Orders never received, and delays in receiving refunds.

But Wish, which launched ten years ago, says customers can get refunds on products for almost any reason other than “they change their minds”.

I ordered a pair of running shoes with a Wish retail price of $200 for just $22. The Citizens watch and 75-cent laptop bag.

Turns out, the watch and bag are part of daily promotions and they only sell one of each item at that price. I never got them, but I wasn’t charged for the items either.

So I placed my order on Black Friday, November 29th. I received the shoes yesterday, almost two months later. They’re not of a famous brand, just “Keep Running”.

They smelled of chemicals straight out of the bag and after a few minutes of wearing them around the office I can tell they’re not going to be comfortable or offer any support for a run. I doubt they’re going to last very long.

Is Wish a scam?

That’s not something I can answer. I’ll just say, you do get what you pay for, and it’ll take a long time to receive your items all the way from China. Let the buyer beware.

Also, if you shop at Wish, I suggest strongly using PayPal rather than a credit card or debit card.

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