What the Tech? How Google Can Help You Preserve Memories

Google did it again; it created a Super Bowl ad that drew tears and cheers from football fans during the big game.

“Loretta” used Google search and Google Assistant to show how regular people can use its features and skills to preserve memories.

In “Loretta” we hear an elderly man asking Google to remember certain things about his late wife Loretta. “Remember how she hated my mustache” and “play our favorite movie”.

After seeing the emotional spot, who wouldn’t want to do something similar with their photos and memories?

But can you actually do it? Is it difficult? The answer to both questions is a hesitant “yes”.

Using Google Assistant to memorialize events and people isn’t as simple as the commercial leads you to believe.

For one, you cannot just say “remember”. You’ll need specific devices to do this. For instance, you cannot do it on just any computer or phone or tablet.

Google Assistant works on Android and iOS devices but requires you press a button. On Google’s own Pixel phones and later Android devices Assistant is hands-free, but on iPhones, you’ll need the Google Assistant app and will need to open it to ask Assistant for well, assistance.

When it comes to computers you’ll need one of Google’s Pixelbooks with the Assistant function.

Anyone can save photos in Google though. Google Photos can even save photos from your computer or smartphone. With iPhones, just download the Google Photos app and give it permission to access your photos.

Using Google’s Photo Scan you can save or digitize paper photos by scanning them with the phone’s camera. It’s fairly simple and will walk you through the process the first time out.

Using facial recognition Google Photos will categorize your photos and you can recall or ask Google to show you pictures of anyone by name, provided you give one of their photos his or her name. It’ll even remember animals so if you give a photo of your pet a name, it’ll show you all of those pictures when you ask for them.

Again though, you cannot do this on any computer or laptop.

Still, if you have those devices and your life (or the lives of people you love) live in the Google ecosystem, it’s worth spending a few hours to create folders in Google Drive to preserve those memories in one place.


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