City Unveils New Initiative to Help Montgomery’s Homeless

Mayor Steven Reed has announced the launch of a new initiative to help support the homeless in the River Region.

It’s called the Feed the Meter for the Homeless project, and it’s a partnership between the city and the Mid-Alabama Coalition for the Homeless (MACH).

Ten special green meters will be placed on sidewalks in downtown. The meters will be located at corners of intersections that are heavily traveled- like the entertainment district.

People can donate with dollar bills and coins, or through the park mobile app. A credit card can be used by visiting

Montgomery’s Director of General Services Tom Pierce says 100% of the donations are going to support MACH’s homeless programs.

“We’re hopeful though that people will see this and have the confidence to go, ‘okay, I can put my dollar here and I’m confident that it’s gonna go to a good cause and a good use’- as opposed to people may be more reluctant to give the money to someone who’s panhandling to know what actually that money is going to be used for,” Pierce said.

Depending on the response from pedestrians, Pierce says the city could add more meters in the future.
City meter employees will collect the money separately from the normal parking meters..

Weather permitting, you will see those meters on downtown sidewalks beginning the middle of next week.


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