One Dead, One Hurt in Early Morning Storms in Marengo Co.

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A Marengo County woman is dead — and her husband is hurt — after a round of storms sweep through the county early Thursday morning.

A pile of wreckage and scattered debris is all that’s left of what used to be the home of Curtis and Anita Rembert.

The couple lived in a mobile home on Highway 43 — about 5 miles south of Demopolis.

Storms swept through the area overnight — ripped the trailer’s anchoring system out of the ground — and tossed the mobile home hundreds of feet.

“Any situation we go to we see the mobile homes. They’re always the one that has the least resistance,” said EMA Director Kevin McKinney.

McKinney says the couple along with three children were at home when the storm hit. He says Anita Walls Rembert was killed. Her husband Curtis Rembert was hurt — and taken to the hospital.

“The children was transported with one of the adults to the hospital but they were not harmed,” said McKinney.

Officials with the National Weather Service were on the scene Thursday afternoon surveying the damage caused by the storm.

John DeBlock is an NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist.

“I see some pretty incredible damage here. Winds were certainly violent in this area, well over 80 miles per hour,” said DeBlock.

Winds DeBlock says — were too powerful — for a mobile home to withstand.

“We had a tornado watch in affect. The severe thunderstorm warning was issued at 1:19. That’s a sign, you need to be ready. When there’s a severe thunderstorm warning during a tornado watch, you need to be ready for a tornado at any time,” he said.

“We’ve just got to get the message out to people, to anytime there’s severe weather or threat of severe weather, be aware if you live in a mobile home,” said McKinney.

He said a second unoccupied mobile home located on the same property — was also destroyed by the storm.

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