Democratic Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg Campaigns in Capital City

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg was back in the Capital City Saturday, campaigning ahead of the Alabama Democratic Primaries scheduled for next month.

He was a speaker at the Alabama Democratic Conference Convention, held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown, Montgomery.

“Not only are you the very best democrats we have in the state, you represent 70 percent of the electorate,” ADC’s Nancy Worley told the packed room.

Bloomberg was welcomed with cheers. While many of his competitors are currently campaigning in New Hampshire, he says he’s focusing on states that often elect republican candidates.

“I’m also working to create what we call the new generation of swing states. States like Alabama and Texas, which could very well turn blue if more people voted,” Bloomberg said.

While at the ADC, Bloomberg continued his attacks on President Donald Trump.

“I got into this race ten weeks ago because I was deeply concerned Donald Trump was on track to win the election,” Bloomberg said.

He also pushed some of the policies he says he would do if elected to the presidency in November, like gun laws and healthcare.

“I’ll raise the estate taxes to generate some of the revenue we need to start fighting income inequality,” Bloomberg said. “Getting it done means finally providing health insurance to every American who lacks it and lowering costs for everyone.”

This was Bloomberg’s second visit to the state since announcing his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. He also held a campaigning event at Alabama State University today.

Alabama’s primary elections are March 3rd.

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