Montgomery Transition Team To Hold Public Meeting Wednesday

Mayor Steven Reed and the Montgomery United Transition team are meeting later this week. They’re encouraging you to come and let your voice be heard on several topics.

Reed says the meeting is a culmination of work the transition team has been doing for the past few weeks.

Committee members are addressing critical city issues and will answer questions about the direction the city is wanting to go.

Transition team leaders will also talk about different initiatives, including health and wellness, economic development and education. Reed says the team is  is seeking these “community solutions” to complement the transition team’s weeks of in-depth study sessions and work with subject matter experts, internal city managers and community leaders. The meeting has been arranged as a time when transition team committee members can listen, learn and engage as they collect feedback from the public.

He says the ideas will be used to help form a transition report to help guide transition team leaders for the next few years.

“We’ll make sure it’s orderly, we’ll make sure that everyone gets a chance to ask their questions and more importantly to offer some new ideas and solutions they’d like to see and incorporate in our agenda going forward,” Reed says.

The meeting will be Wednesday at Montgomery City Hall Auditorium.
It starts at 5:30.

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