Rising River Raising Flood Concerns in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The rising Alabama River has people in Selma concerned about flooding — and the possibility of property damage.

People eating at the Sandbar Grille and Bar — are enjoying their meals — a little closer to the Alabama River than usual these days.

Water from the rising river has already swallowed up the city marina. And now its only a few feet away — from the restaurant.

Harry Dominick is the restaurant’s co-owner and chef.

“It’s like it’s risen about 20 feet,” said Dominick. “Right now, you don’t see even the top of the dock. Or the stairs. You don’t see the stairs. You don’t see the road.”

Dominick says he continues to keep a close eye on the rising river. And he’s already put a plan in place — to try and minimize any damage — due to flooding.

“Water is always a concern,” he said. “Just been watching the water. Watching all the people come down taking pictures of the water. But for right now we’re in good shape.”

The Alabama River will continue to rise over the next few days. The river is expected to get three feet higher before cresting at 47.6 feet.

Dallas County EMA Director Toya Stiles says low lying areas and roads located near the river — will see some flooding.

Therefore, she’s warning residents about the dangers of driving through water on a flooded road.

“So if you run into any water that’s on a roadway and you can’t see through that water, we encourage you to turn around don’t drown.”

The Alabama River is expected to crest — some time Saturday.

The Cahaba River is expected to crest Friday — around noon.

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