Flood Concerns Increase in Selma as Alabama River Rises

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Concerns about flooding have people in Dallas County — keeping a close eye on the rising water level — of the Alabama River.

Jeff Hudson of Selma loves living on the banks of the Alabama River.

“Just being here. Wake up in the morning and see the river. And in the summer time all the activities on the river with the grand kids and the kids.”

However Hudson admits — the rising water in the river — has caught his attention.

“There’s a good app go on on your phone that tells you how high the river is — and what they expect it to get. And then we kind of keep a look at it,” said Hudson.

Dallas Co. EMA Director Toya Stiles says right now the Alabama River is at minor flood stage.

Moderate flood stage for the river starts at 48 ft. The river is expected to crest just under that level at 47.9 ft. this weekend.

It’s the second week in a row the river has risen to a level this high.

“It’s kind of unusual,” said Hudson.

“High water’s good for the river. You know it kind of helps flush things out and move things around. But some high waters good but I think this is a little excessive.”

Dallas County is one of several counties in our viewing area — under a flash flood watch.

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