Paying it Forward Campaign Expands to Chris’ Hot Dogs

The Paying It Forward Campaign has expanded to include the world-famous Chris’ Hot Dogs on Dexter Avenue.

Paying it Forward is a campaign to help alleviate hunger for Montgomery’s homeless neighbors. If you would like to participate and order a meal for someone in need then all you have to do is order an Agape Meal at Chris’ Hot Dogs. The meal is five dollars and includes a hot dog, a bag of chips and a canned drink. After ordering, you will be given a special sticky note as a coupon where you can write a personal or inspirational note. The note will then be posted near the front door so those who need a meal can come in and redeem the coupon.

“One of the local shelters nearby is no longer able to serve lunch and a lot of our homeless friends in the area, they have to wait till dinner time to get probably the first meal of the day,” said Patrick Aitken, the Missions Coordinator at River City Church.

“You know it is not like they have to beg. I’ve always kind of done it but the way I feel is that we are all here to take care of each other,” said Gus Katechis, the co-owner of Chris’ Hot Dogs.

Agape Meal was chosen because Agape is Greek which refers to highest form or love or God’s love.


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