MPS Officials React to Audit Revealing $700K in Misused Funds

To view the full Montgomery Public Schools Audit CLICK HERE.

The misuse of funds happened from October 2017, to November 2018. Dr. Ann Roy Moore was not yet  Superintendent , and only one member of the current MPS School Board was on staff at the time.

“It happened before we got here, but we are correcting it,” says Clare Weil, MPS School Board President.

Dr. Moore says ” we we’re brought here to  help make things right, and we’re trying to right the ship. Under our watch when we find it, we do something about it.”

The shocking audit details the misuse of more than $700,000 in funds for everything from fraudulent scholarships to rental cars. Members of the school board are relieved that the misuse was bought to light, and safeguards are now in place to prevent such misuse from happening again.

“Under our watch, we’re making sure that we routinely review how things are being done in the schools,” says Dr. Moore.

Two of the accused are on administrative leave, while all others have resigned from their positions with MPS. Retrieving the money is a matter that will be taken up by law enforcement.

Arthur Watts is the Chief Financial Officer for Montgomery Public Schools, he is responsible for initiating the audit, and putting the proper checks and balances in place to prevent misuse from reoccurring. “We are going to do everything possible to ensure that every tax dollar that comes to the Montgomery Board of Education will e used for its intended purposes, and that’s the boys and girls of this school district,” says Watts.

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