Animal Shelter To Unveil Changes to Services

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The Pike Animal Shelter is unveiling new changes to its’ services at its re-grand opening this Saturday.

The staff says there have been no animal deaths here in a few months, and they credit that with new procedures in place to keep the animals safe.

“We’ve implemented a lot of state protocols as far as handling our animals, taking their health into consideration as they come in,” Shelter Operations Manager Jickinya Majors said.

Majors says shelter employees have spent hours cleaning and preparing to show the community their sponsorship programs, day-to-day operations, and overall love for the animals. The event is giving the staff a chance to show off some of their new adoption programs, as well.

City and community leaders are expected to attend the reopening ceremony.
There will tours, refreshments, and different speakers.

“You know, it’s just to educate the community on what we do, where their tax paying money is going, and how they can help us,” Majors said.

The public is invited to attend the reopening ceremony.
It’s scheduled for Saturday from 10 AM to 1 PM.
The shelter is located on 904 Henderson Highway.

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