Bill Aims to Ban Transgender Treatments in Minors

A controversial bill that would ban doctors and pharmacist from issuing gender changing and puberty locking drugs to children under 18, with or without their parents consent is makings its way through the state house.

“This bill would obstruct an Alabama  parents authority to determine that child’s healthcare,” says Cynthia Lamar Hart, parent of a transgender minor.

Representative Wes Allen (R-Troy), is the bill sponsor. Allen says we should help the children with therapeutic treatment from qualified mental health professionals and “not allow these children’s bodies to be permanently mutilated.”

Sydney Wright is an Alabama resident that had a life changing struggle with hormone therapy. She told the House Health Committee that testosterone shots permanently affected her health.

“I cannot even begin to fathom somebody younger than that to be able Tod o that, or even make that decision,” said Wright.

The Legislation would also make it illegal for doctors to perform any gender changing surgeries on minors. “It is irresponsible to permanently mutilate them at their request of at the request of their parents.”

After hearing public testimony, and questioning Representative Allen, lawmakers were closely divided.

“It is our duty to take our time and make sure that we understand this issue completely, said Representative Neil Rafferty (D)-Irondale.

The House Health Committee forwarded the measure by a narrow margin, in a rare instance the bill was also in Senate Committee Wednesday where it was forwarded.

The bill now moves to the floor of both the House of Representatives, and the Senate, where lawmakers will debate the bill before voting.


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