Montgomery Students Among Hundreds of Army Recruits Sworn-In from Outer Space

Two future soldiers from Montgomery’s Sidney Lanier High School made their commitment to the U.S. Army official on Wednesday in a ceremony that was “out of this world”.

For the first time-ever, the U.S. Army held a held a live enlistment ceremony that was broadcast from outer space.  More than 800 future service members across the country tuned in to a live-feed and were sworn in by U.S army Colonel Andrew Morgan, a NASA astronaut aboard the International Space Station.

Zedrick McCall and Terrell Smith, two graduating seniors at Lanier, raised their right hand in front of their classmates in the school’s auditorium.”It was actually an awesome feeling,  knowing it was from outer space” McCall described “that was a great feeling and it was the first one and I was a part of it so that’s amazing”.

McCall said he has already completed basic training,  and will move on to Advanced Individual Training, as a member of the Army Reserve after graduation. Terrell Smith, enlisted as an active duty soldier, and called the experience “mind-blowing”.

Smith hasn’t cleared the basic training hurdle yet but already has words of encouragement for others, considering the same path. “Follow your heart because your heart or your gut they can’t lead you wrong” Smith advised “then have a good support system because the more people you have behind you the more people that can push you to go further”.

Sidney Lanier High School was one of more than 100 locations where recruits were sworn-in across the country.





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