NFSA Demonstrates to Lawmakers How Their Sprinkler System Raises Your Chance of Surviving a House Fire by 80%

The National Fire Sprinkler Association put on a demonstration in front of the Alabama State House for State Legislatures and others. They gave them an example of their Sprinkler system using a controlled burn fire.

The trailer was donated by the NFSA and it was designed to raise the awareness of the need for residential fire sprinklers.

The 13D fire sprinkler system is designed to keep the fire in check so that the occupants can escape. NFSA says your chances of survival is 80% greater with this sprinkler system. In 2017 state legislatures passed HB 66, which allows residential plumbers to install the sprinkler systems.

Wednesday’s demonstration was to let state legislators see the difference in contrast to having a sprinkler system and not having one.

NFSA will be going throughout the state of Alabama in the attempt to raise awareness with life safety being the number one priority.

Contact The Alabama Fire College to Schedule a demonstration at 1-800-241-2467 or the State Fire Marshall.

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