State Senate Approves Bill to Block Occupational Tax

READ: Statement from Governor Kay Ivey’s office on the passage of a  bill to block cities from enacting new occupational taxes:

Governor Ivey does not want to see unfair burdens placed upon hardworking Alabamians. Occupational taxes would not only hurt employees living within those city limits where they are proposed, but also those men and women who commute in from surrounding areas. She wants to keep a great working relationship with municipalities, but as with any legislation sent to her desk, the governor will thoroughly review for any unintended consequences it may impose.

The Alabama Senate has given final approval to legislation that would block cities from implementing new occupational taxes.

Senators voted 27-7 for the bill that would prevent cities from implementing occupational taxes without the approval of the Alabama Legislature.

The bill would not repeal occupational taxes, but would prevent city councils from implementing new ones unless authorized through a local bill passed in the Alabama Legislature.

The bill now goes to Gov. Kay Ivey.

If the bill becomes law, it would prevent the city of Montgomery’s new occupational tax from taking effect.

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