Is Alabama Prepared to Contain the Coronavirus?

Six people in the U.S.  have been confirmed dead, and at least another 100 are confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, or Coronavirus.

Monday morning Alabama health officials held a press conference, to outline what the state is prepared to do in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.

“We are very confident that we have a good plan going forward to keep our state safe,” says Dr. Scott Harris, Alabama’s State Health Officer.

Since early January the state has been working with hospitals, colleges, and other public institutions, to secure a plan of action in the case of an outbreak.

“We feel they are well prepared in case we would have transmission in our community.”

About 100 Alabama residents returning from China may have been in contact with the virus. These individuals were monitored for the required 14 days, and have not been deemed a risk.

Harris says all of the coronavirus test the state has ordered have been negative.

Officials say good hygene is key to preventing the spread of the virus. “Wash your hands, sanitize your workspace. Good personal, professional, and social hygene is key,” says Director of the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, Bryan Hastings.

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