Alabamians Vote to Keep Elected School Board


Alabama voters have overwhelmingly voted “NO” to replacing the state’s elected school board with a commission appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Alabama Senate.

Gov. Kay Ivey had supported the idea, saying a major change was needed to improve the performance of the state’s schools. She had pointed out that Alabama is only one of a handful of states to elect a state school board.

After the measure was defeated, Gov. Ivey’s office released a statement.

The following state was released from the governor’s office:

From Gina Maiola, Press Secretary for Governor Kay Ivey: Amendment One was a bold and ambitious effort to transform our state’s public schools. Governor Ivey was willing to step out and support this idea because she firmly believed leadership – and change – started with the Board itself. Tonight, however, it appears the fear of losing the right to elect our State School Board members was greater than the confidence we had that fundamental change could be made. While disappointed, the governor’s resolve to improve our public education system remains intact. Amendment One is not where her plans for education stop, and you’ll see her continue to be more innovative and creative with her approach to improving Alabama.

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