Two Jacksonville State University Students Exposed to Coronavirus

Administrators at Jacksonville State University have notified everyone on campus that two JSU students have been exposed to coronavirus.

The exposure happened outside of Alabama. JSU says the students have not shown any symptoms.

Full Statement from Jacksonville State University:

Dear students, faculty and staff,

While there are no confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the State of Alabama nor on JSU’s campus, the administration is committed to keeping our university community informed.

We received notice today that two JSU students have come into contact with someone in Georgia diagnosed with COVID-19. This possible contact occurred six days ago, out-of-state, and the JSU students have no symptoms of COVID-19. Although the students did attend classes after the exposure, they are not currently on campus.

We are working proactively with the Alabama Department of Public Health to protect our campus and community and taking necessary precautions. If the situation changes, we will notify campus.

Thank you,
Dr. Don Killingsworth, Jr.
Acting President

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