Rain, Coronavirus Impacting Local Farmers

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Recent rain and flooding are causing concerns for many in our area. And it’s also impacting our local farmers.

This is normally the time of year when farmers are preparing their fields and planting corn. But those plans have been put on hold due to the excess water.

Troy Fillingim is a farmer in Pike and Coffee counties who says if the rain continues, farmers will get further behind in planting corn crops.

He also says the standing water could dilute the nutrients in the soil. That may result in a less quality crop and poor field conditions.

But Fillingiim says the rain and flooding in the area won’t have too much of an impact on grocery store prices.

“It wouldn’t have that much affect on that type stuff. You know, most of the crops we grow here are commodities, not necessarily a food item. You get more into your vegetables and that type crop would have more of an effect on grocery stores, but a lot of that stuff is not grown in this particular area,” Fillingim said.

Fillingim says the coronavirus outbreak is also affecting farmers by dropping commodity prices on certain crops, like cotton. China is a key player in the cotton industry, but since that is where the coronavirus has the most impact, shipping to and from the country has been canceled or postponed.  He says that could cost farmers thousands of dollars.

The USDA says it is currently gathering information about the current growing season and how farmers are being impacted, as well as what farmers are planning to grow. Those results will be released later this month.

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