Andalusia City Officials Announce Major Purchase of Historical Buildings

Major developments are in the works for downtown Andalusia.
City officials announcing a major purchase Tuesday of several historic buildings and properties.

Andalusia mayor Earl Johnson says it’s a plan years in the making.

“Well this is basically our first step in redevelopment along those properties in our downtown area,” Johnson said.

The city announced the $1.75 million dollar purchase of 18 buildings and 143-thousand square feet of space during a Tuesday conference at City Hall.
The purchased buildings include the historic buildings, like Prestwood Building, the Old Depot, and what some residents would know as the Opera House.

“The owners of that property were ready to get rid of it and get it in a price that was fair, reasonable. And once that happened, we stepped in and took advantage of that,” Johnson said.

“It’s going to have a major impact on this community,” Steven Bingler said.

Bingler is the CEO of Concordia Architects- a New Orleans based firm.
He’s working with city officials to help create a plan for the building redevelopment.

“The focus is what would it take for Andalusia to be a place where the children from Andalusia who have gone off and made lives for themselves, to wanna come home to?” Bingler said.

Officials now plan to hold public meetings- giving residents a chance to bring ideas about what they’d like to see come to downtown.

“We’ve had so many positive things to focus on here in the community and this is another thing that people can pour that positivity into,” Andalusia Area Chamber executive director Chrissie Duffy said.

Mayor Johnson says those public meetings will be held within the next few weeks. Everyone is invited to attend.

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