Montgomery Legislators React to Proposed Ad Valorem Tax

MPS officials say the school system is underfunded, and an increase in property taxes would solve the problems. At Tuesday night’s Montgomery School Board meeting, the board approved the hiring of lobbyist to push an ad valorem tax to legislatures.

“We really need to at least bring this vote to the people and let them decide,” says Dr. Ann Roy Moore, MPD Superintendent.

Montgomery currently has a 10mil tax rate, which is the lowest allowed by law. School officials want to add 12 mils to bring the total up to 22 mils. That is on par with many school districts in Alabama.

Jannah Bailey was vocal and Tuesday’s meeting about the lack of support for the ad valorem tax. Hear her passionate plea here.

Bailey says “everyone should on board with this property tax, because it is only going to benefit all of us.”

At the State House, the Montgomery delegation is already in discussions with city and county leaders about the proposed ad valorem tax. “We have a lot of constituents, and a lot of kids who are in school, and we are not funding them appropriately,” says Representative Tashina Morris (D) Montgomery.

Not all Montgomery lawmakers are on board. Representative Reed Ingram (R) Montgomery, says the ad valorem tax is needed, but in the wake of the recent MPS Audit the timing is not right.

“I do support education and I think we need money, but we’ve got some things we need to clean up. We need to do it but I don’t know that the timing is right.” says Ingram.

Representative Morris says the delegation is working to have a bill ready for this Legislative Session. Officials would like to see an Ad Valorem Tax Bill on the ballot in November. The measure would have to pass through the house and the Senate before it can go to voters.


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