Plans to Relocate Salvation Army, Montgomery Chamber Business Resource Center

Alabama News Network has confirmed new developments surrounding Montgomery’s whitewater project.

Project Catalyst (Source: Montgomery County Commission)

This project will lead to the Montgomery Chamber relocating it’s Business Resource Center.  We first reported last month that the Salvation Army has a preliminary agreement to sell its Maxwell Boulevard location to the City of Montgomery.

Currently the Salvation Army sits where the whitewater facility will be built.  The Salvation Army will then move to the Montgomery Chamber Business Resource Center on Court Street.

The Montgomery County Community Cooperative District is managing this project.  Cooperative District Chair Leslie Sanders says the agreement between the Salvation Army and the City of Montgomery could be finalized as soon as Mid-April.  Sanders says they are shooting for a groundbreaking in the same time frame.  As for the Chamber’s Business Resource Center, it will move to Union Station in downtown Montgomery.

“There are a lot of people working to make sure that it happens in the time frame that we need it to, we’re going to open the spring of 2023 and people are working feverishly to make sure that happens,” Sanders explained.

Negotiations are still ongoing with the Southern Whitewater Development Group.  Sanders says that group would help develop and manage the whitewater facility.

The Montgomery Chamber of Commerce sent the following statement to Alabama News Network in regard to its planned relocation:

 The Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce is currently working with our community partners to finalize a very creative solution for moving Montgomery forward.  As The Salvation Army prepares to relocate and expand its mission to serve the homeless and underserved in our region, the Chamber plans to relocate to a new home that will consolidate operations and provide a platform to fuel Montgomery’s growing innovation, small business and tourism opportunities. The Chamber will relocate from its facility at 600 S. Court Street to Union Station sometime in late fall of 2020.  The Chamber is working to reach final terms with The Salvation Army on a purchase of its 600 S. Court Street building.  

According to Anna Buckalew, Chamber President & CEO:

“Union Station provides a more centrally located and culturally significant platform for the Chamber’s mission to create economic prosperity and a better quality of life and place.  Plans include an expanded Business Studio to better serve the needs of small and minority business, makers and creatives; support TechMGM and Air Force innovation hubs; connect to the MGMix internet exchange; and provide a meaningful gathering space and experience for visitors. Montgomery is a city that changed the world, and now it’s time for us to change how the world sees us. Union Station will once again come to life, serving as an inclusive center where traditional economic development will intersect with tourism, tech, small business, makers, creatives, culture and community. We look forward to releasing more details as plans are finalized.”

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