Coronavirus Impact on Local Universities

Universities across the state and nation are telling students to move out of residence halls, and prepare to finish this semester through remote instruction.

Tuskegee University is taking the same precautions as other universities, but they are allowing international students and students with exceptional circumstances to apply to stay on campus.

Students who are permitted to stay on campus will have access to all essential services including housing, dining, and internet.

The Tuskegee University dining hall is converting to a grab and go format similar to what restaurants are doing.

Parents are concerned with housing and dining fee that have been paid.

“Are we going to be reimbursed for any part of housing or food, because that’s a big chunk of money.” said Antionette Hood as she packed her daughters dorm room to head back to Georgia.

University officials say that issue must be sorted out on the Federal and state level before they can make any announcements.

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