Golden Apple: Margaret Trammell

It’s time to meet our Golden Apple Award winner, this month’s winner comes Prattville. For 11 years, Daniel Pratt Elementary School 1st grade teacher Margaret Trammel has been educating children in a way that leaves a lasting impact which extends beyond the walls of the classroom, and is why multiple parents nominated her for the Golden Apple Award. 

“That is quite an honor, the highest honor I could imagine. I love my families and I appreciated them sharing their sweet students with me and it’s just a privilege to teach these children. I want them to have a love of reading as well as a love of math, I want them to continue to have a thirst for knowledge and just want to keep on learning,” says Trammell.

Congratulations Ms Trammell! If you know a great teacher we should recognize, you can nominate them by going to our website, Alabama News dot Net, click on the “Golden Apple” banner and fill out the nomination form.

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