Local Businesses Using Cleaning Services to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

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Local businesses are making sure their customers are protected from catching the Coronavirus.

As more guidelines take place to slow down the spread of COVID-19, some businesses are having their places professionally cleaned.

“We’re basically going in and cleaning this place from top to bottom,” owner of Jones Global Solutions Richard Jones said.

The Vintage Year restaurant in Cloverdale’s Historic District is just one example.
Jones owns a local cleaning business.

“We have industrial grade foggers and basically what they do is they go in and they cover all areas,” Jones said.

Cleaning services are seeing an increase in their calls— fielding hundreds since the Coronavirus epidemic arrived in the River Region.
Wesley Littlefield of KEMCO Facilities Services said the business is constantly hiring more employees, which helps add more man-power to the cleaning process– especially in this time of uncertainty.

“We’re adding personnel, trained disinfecting technician, if you will. And training them specifically on disinfecting high touch point areas with CDC-approved disinfectants,” Littlefield said.

But if you can’t hire a cleaning service, don’t panic.

“Focusing on your every day things, washing your hands, your door knobs, your restrooms, kitchens, anything you can possibly touch,” Jones said.

Use a household cleaning spray or wipe, according to the label instructions. Labels contain instructions for safe and effective use of the cleaning product including precautions you should take when applying the product, such as wearing gloves and making sure you have good ventilation during use of the product.

You can find some information here.

This is a list from the EPA. Click here.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jones Global Services, or KEMCO Facilities Services, you can find the information below.

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