Macon County EMA Director Urging Churches Not to Meet for Services, Funerals

Macon County Emergency Management Agency Director Frank Lee has sent a notice to churches in his county not to have in-person meetings, funerals or other activities.

Here is the note that Alabama News Network obtained:

I am suggesting that all house of worships in Macon County  consider having virtual church services or other non contact forms of worshiping.(to include funerals and any other church activities)

Please ask your pastor to respectfully consider the CDC and ADPH guidelines of not congregating. Currently, we have not had any reported COVID 19 cases reported,  however be very mindful that testing has not begun.

This suggestion is for mitigating any isolated unknown COVID 19 potential case. The state of Georgia has unfortunately reported one church worship related death.

Please take our request seriously.

— Information from Frank Lee, Macon Co. EMA Director

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