Coronavirus Affecting Local Tourism

A state health order has closed all non-essential businesses in Alabama- effective now. The closures were set to begin at 5 p.m. It comes after leaders have been trying to help contain the spread of the coronavirus in the state.

You can read more about closures here.

City and community leaders say the coronavirus has effected many tourist attractions in the Capital City.

“Unfortunately, there are jobs and people that are impacted,” Montgomery Area Chamber’s Meg Lewis said.

Among the attractions under the order are movie theatres, athletic facilities, and swimming pools. The springtime usually brings many events, conferences, and tournaments to the River Region.

“We have no downtown events going on. We have no tournaments in all our softball and tennis and soccer complexes,” Leisure Services Director Kay McCreery said.

McCreery says several tourism hotspots are suffering due to the loss of income.

“Where it’s not only the ticket sales revenue that comes in, but the people who come to play and come to watch those events are also not staying in our hotels,” McCreery said.

Lewis says leaders are working on plans to help local businesses and attractions recover.

“We’re definitely thinking about how we want to bring back that demand. We think that demand is going to be there. The reason that Montgomery is so popular from gaining so much momentum has not going to be changed by this,” Lewis said.

She said the Chamber is keeping close contact with national organizations who are expecting a quick financial recovery after the coronavirus pandemic passes.

“We are still Montgomery, we are still an amazing city with amazing history, and very bright future,” Lewis said.

The state health order is in effect until April 17th at 5 p.m. But state leaders say they will determine whether to extend or relax that order before the date.


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