Local Church Using Alternative Methods to Do Communion

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Local churches are not letting the Coronavirus halt worship services.
Some congregations are even using multiple platforms to reach its members.

“They didn’t teach us how to deal with this kind of thing in seminary, you know, a world-wide pandemic,” Taylor Road Baptist Church Senior Pastor Daniel Atkins said.

It’s becoming the new normal, as churches are now looking for new ways to hold worship services online. Some are using web-based services including Youube, Facebook and Zoom to reach their audiences due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
At Taylor Road Baptist, members held communion a little different than normal on Sunday- in the comforts of their homes.

“I would rather be accused of trying too hard and not enough. We were going to do the Lord’s Supper anyway, and we just felt like it was important for families to be able to do that together,” Atkins said.

For some churches that don’t have the accessibility to updated technology, Atkins says he’s seeing unity like never before.

“I’ve seen churches inviting them to come and use their technology to record their services and communicate with their folks,” Atkins said.

That means reaching more people in a time when many are looking for answers.

“People are more receptive to hearing the story of Jesus and the hope that He gives us through his death and resurrection right now, than ever before, I think. You know, at least since 9/11,” Atkins said. “And so it kind of brings things into perspective and makes you ask those big questions, you know, what’s the meaning of all this?”

Taylor Road Baptist is also hosting youth services and Sunday school lessons on those same technological platforms.

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