What the Tech? App of the Day: Depop

Every day it seems there’s a new app where people can buy and sell used clothing.

It’s a big business for app developers of Poshmark and TheRealReal.

For some reason though, teenagers and young adults are gravitating to a relatively new (and very popular) app Depop.

Depop works the same as the other apps: Sellers post photos and a description of their items and buyers browse through the app looking for what they want. Part of the reason I suppose teens choose Depop is because it looks a great deal like Instagram. Sellers sometimes hire models for their product picture.

There are somewhere around 13-million Depop users but if you’re over the age of 30, this might be the first time you’ve heard of it.

Clothes are for teenagers and young adults, though anyone can wear them I guess. The stores seem to all be run by people in their 20s.

Shopping is very simple, you can search by style, by store, by designer, by brand, by size. You are able to message the seller to discuss the item or purchase price.

Not every price is set in stone and the seller can sell to whomever they choose. Buyers can rate sellers on their experience and sellers can rate buyers as well.

The app is free to download and list items, but Depop gets 10% of the sales price.

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