Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Courthouse Closure in Dallas Co.

From the West Alabama newsroom–

The Coronavirus crisis continues to change the way people everywhere — live and work.

Dallas County is under a state of emergency due to the pandemic — and the city of Selma is under a curfew.

Probate Judge Jimmy Nunn said public access to the Dallas County Courthouse — has been restricted indefinitely.

Dccourthouse“However, there are still going to be some essential business that must be done in the courthouse, such as absentee. The Board of Registrars office will be open. If you need to pay your taxes, it’ll be open for a limited amount of time, til April 6th. And the Probate office if you need to do some recording. It will be open. But we will maintain limited staffing and limited contact,” he said.

Nunn said people can conduct much of their business with the county — online. So, he’s directing residents to visit the county’s website — instead of visiting the courthouse in person.

“Go to the website to look for all the online services that we provide,” said Nunn.

Meanwhile, the city of Selma is under a curfew — from 9 pm to 5 am.

Police Chief Kenta Fulford said officers will be on the lookout to enforce the curfew — during patrols.

And violators could be fined — or jailed.

“During the time of the curfew everyone is encouraged to be at home.,” he said.

He said officers will also disperse any gathering they find — larger than 10 people.

“We will give you a warning but after the warning you can be fined from $25 dollars to $500 dollars, said Fulford.

“So, we’re going to encourage everyone to stay compliant.”

Two confirmed cases of Coronavirus — have been reported by health officials in Dallas County.

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