SEE THE LIST: Several Companies Looking to Hire Thousands of Workers

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The coronavirus pandemic has led many businesses to close, with some laying off workers. But others are actually looking to hire workers by the thousands to fill various positions across the country.

Here is a list:

Walmart – Hiring 150,000 workers to work in stores, distribution and fulfillments centers – Read more

CVS – Hiring 50,000 full-time, part-time and temporary jobs for stores, delivery and distribution centers – Read more

Dollar General – Hiring 50,000, mostly temporary jobs – Read more

Lowe’s – Hiring 30,000, full-time, part-time and overnight short-term jobs at stores and distribution centers – Read more

Publix – Hiring thousands at stores and distribution centers – Read more

Winn-Dixie – Hiring 5,000 new workers – Read more

Many of these companies say the jobs are temporary, but some could become permanent positions.


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