Gov. Kay Ivey Issues Statewide Stay-at-home Order


In a news conference from the Alabama Capitol that was aired live on Alabama News Network on Friday afternoon, Gov. Kay Ivey issued a statewide stay-at-home order.

The order takes effect at 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 4 and will run through 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 30.

The governor says people will still be able to go to grocery stores, pharmacies, get supplies to work from home or to accommodate distance learning, to buy gas, pet supplies and get take-out food from restaurants.

She says limits will be placed on the number of people allowed inside the essential businesses that remain open. She says there will be consequences for those businesses that don’t obey the order.

That limit is no more than 50% of the maximum occupancy rate as determined by the fire marshal.

Attorney General Steve Marshall says a violation of the state health order is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500 for each offense. He says he wishes there will be willful compliance. He says he doesn’t foresee law enforcement to become overly aggressive, but he doesn’t want the public to brazenly ignore the order.

Here are some of the key points of the order:

  • A person may leave his or her home to get or provide the following services for himself or herself, for other household members, including pets, or for a loved one or friend who cannot or should not leave home or cannot care for himself or herself:

(i) Dental, medical, or surgical procedures allowed under paragraph 14 of this order
(ii) Government-funded services or benefits
(iii) Automobile repair services
(iv) Services vital to the treatment or care of people with physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities, or people with substance-use disorders
(v) Services related to any public or private distance learning activities and education continuity, including all services under education continuity plans approved by the State Superintendent of Education; and
(vi) Any other services necessary to maintain a person’s or pet’s health and safety or to preserve the person’s ability to perform an essential activity as defined in this order.

  • A person may leave his or her place of residence to attend an event that is a religious worship service, wedding, or funeral in either of the following circumstances:

(i) The event involves fewer than 10 people and the people maintain a consistent six-foot distance from one another; or
(ii) The event is a “drive-in” worship service that adheres to the following rules:

1. All participants shall remain in their vehicles for the entirety of the service;
2. The participants in each vehicle all share the same place of residence; and
3. Participants do not come within six feet of participants in other vehicles.

  • A person may leave his or her home to care for a family member, friend, or pet in another household, or to donate blood, or to transport family members, friends, or pets as allowed by this Order.
  • A person may leave his or her home to perform work at “essential businesses and operations” as defined in paragraph 2 below or to perform essential work-related activities as follows:

(i) Work-related activities to maintain the value of a business, establishment, corporation or other organization, such as managing inventory, ensuring security, and processing payroll and employee benefits;
(ii) Work-related activities to enable people to work or shop remotely from their residences or to allow people to buy products through drive-by, curbside, or door-to-door delivery; or
(iii) Work-related activities that do not require any regular interaction within six feet of another person.

  • A person may leave his or her home to participate in outdoor activity that involves fewer than 10 people so long as the person maintains a consistent six-foot distance from other persons.

Effective immediately, any person who has tested positive for COVID-19—other than institutionalized persons—shall be quarantined to their place of residence for a period of 14 days  after receiving positive test results. Any person quarantined pursuant to this provision shall not leave their place of residence for any reason other than to seek necessary medical treatment.

This Order supersedes and preempts any county and municipal orders or ordinances, whenever adopted, that purport to impose less stringent COVID-19-related curfew or quarantine measures.

Read the Complete State Order (pdf)


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