What the Tech? How to Avoid “Zoom Bombing”

In a classroom, sheltered-in-place children are learning what they’d be taught if they were in school. But in the middle of the class, someone called a “Zoom Troll” interrupts.

It’s called “Zoom bombing”. Using profanity, insulting the sister teaching the class. Like other incidents lately, the troll, usually a giggly teen boy is shown with all the other students.

How does this happen?

Most of the time the classes are made public, so anyone can join. I can’t show you most of the Zoom trolls for obvious reasons. But most of the time they curse and take over the screens to show pornographic pictures and video and and hate images.

And the only way to stop them is end the meeting and start it again with a different password.

It’s happening so frequently in public and private zoom conferences, the FBI issued a warning and Zoom posted precautions to prevent it from happening.

The tips include making every meeting private and requiring a password. But frankly, this would not prevent a troll from crashing a meeting.

A participant could share the Zoom ID and password publicly. Locking the Zoom when the meeting starts so that no one else can join even with a password.

It recommends the host setting up the meeting not granting access for participants to share their screen and implementing “The Waiting Room” that requires the host to approve participants before they can join the chat.

And booting the the trolls from the meeting.

The FBI wants information on these Zoom trolls. It’s asking anyone who’s Zoom meeting is interrupted, to contact their local FBI office.

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