Montgomery Cancer Center is taking Steps to Keep Patients Safe from Coronavirus

The Montgomery Cancer Center has made drastic changes to keep patients safe.

In an environment like the Montgomery Cancer Center where patients may have compromised immune systems, and treatments are administered in close quarters, staff and administration have made big changes to ensure patient safety against

Susan Reed is the Vice President of the Montgomery Cancer Center, she says the center took major steps to keep patients and staff safe. “We’re doing lots of things,” says Reed. ” Every team member and every patient who comes to the front door is screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19.”

Family and friends usually want to be present for a loved one who is receiving treatment, but at this time it’s too risky to have visitors in the center.

“We feel its important to keep visitors to the bare minimum to keep our patients safe.”

Scheduling changes have also been made to keep the number of patients low. “We’ve been able to adjust different schedules to make sure we have a fewer number of patients in the facility at any given time.”

The pharmacy at the cancer center has also altered methods to increase patient safety. Drive-thru and pick up options are now available.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are still going on  as planned, but staggered schedules and increased space between beds are now commonplace.

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