Pike County School System Using Alternative Teaching Methods

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All  K-12 public schools are back in session. But they’re using alternative methods after state leaders stopped all in-person learning due to COVID-19.

School systems have adopted plans to finish this current academic school year using online courses, packets, and other means of instruction.

Pike County Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Bazzell says the school system has been ahead of the game.

“We actually distributed packets last week for kindergarten through 6th grade students,” Bazzell said.

Those packets include the material students would be learning if they were currently in the classroom..
For middle and high schools students, their packets will be distributed Wednesday.

“We’re using a blended approach. Particularly in the high school level,  we have a number of students who are taking access courses and dual enrollment courses so we are providing support for them,” Bazzell said.

With a majority of the school system made up of mostly rural areas, that is leading to a challenge.

“Only about 70% of our students actually have a computer at home, with no more than 60% that have internet service. So we’ve looked at ideas like deploying busses with hot spot on them to various locations. We’re still doing some of that surveying,” Bazzell said.

Bazzell also says a Homework Helpline will begin this week for any Pike County student needing a little guidance with the school work. Students who use the helpline will be assisted by a Pike County teacher.

Graduations have not been canceled at this time for Pike County seniors. School officials say there could be a possibility of doing a virtual graduation if needed.

If you are a Pike County student in need of help, here are the numbers:

For questions related to Pike County Elementary School work (grades 1st thru 6th) – call 334-344-6941.

For questions related to Middle School or High School work (grades 7th thru 12th) – call 334-566-8890.

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