Local Advocacy Center Raises Awareness for Child Abuse, Neglect

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April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. Every ten seconds, a child abuse report is made to a local agency. Those reports result in millions of child abuse cases each year.

The Pike Regional Advocacy Center in Troy is just one many state-wide services that offer support to child abuse victims.

“We interview victims who have been sexually abused, as well as physical abuse, and severely neglected,” PRCAC Program Director Temeka Teague said.

Teague says there are several signs to look for if you believe a child is being abused.

“The most common signs are a decrease in grades, child’s behavior changing, becoming withdrawn. Of course, there are physical signs that you can see with physical abuse: bruises, welps,” Teague said.

Teague says if you have suspicions that a child is suffering abuse, you’re encouraged to contact a local agency or law enforcement office.

The Center is holding a t-shirt fundraiser and planting pinwheel gardens around Pike County to raise awareness for child abuse. Several local businesses and nonprofits are partnering to help raise awareness.

“The pinwheels are designated to show children should have a normal life,” Teague said.

With schools closed and kids currently at home, Teague says be patient with children, and take a break if you get overwhelmed.

“If loved ones could actually spend more time with their children love on them extra hard during this season. And if they ever feel that they cant handle the children, reach out, ask for help,” Teague said.

Teague says you do not have to have proof that abuse is going on, but if you have suspicions, call your local agency or law enforcement office. You can also call the National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453.

To learn more about a t-shirt fundraiser or pinwheel fundraiser, click here.

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