U.S. Rep. John Lewis Pushes Joe Biden to Pick Woman of Color for His VP Running Mate

U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia), the nationally-known civil rights icon,  said today that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden should pick a woman of color to be his running mate.

Lewis made the comments as he endorsed Biden for president.

“I think Vice President Biden should look around. It would be good to have a woman of color,” Lewis told reporters on a call when asked.


“It would be good to have a woman that looks like the rest of America — smart, gifted, a fighter, a warrior,” Lewis said, noting a woman of any race would be a good choice, “I think the time has long passed to make the White House look like the whole of America.”

At the last primary debate in March, Biden promised to pick a woman as his running mate.

Lewis, 80, is a native of Pike County, Alabama, and has long been a fixture at the annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee in Selma. He was beaten while trying to lead a march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma on March 7, 1965, and suffered a skull fracture on the day that became known as “Bloody Sunday.”

Lewis announced in December he had been diagnosed with Stage Four pancreatic cancer. “I have a few health problems now but I hope they will not be with me forever,” Lewis said.

He added that he plans to campaign for Biden. “We need his voice and we need his leadership now more than ever before.”

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